March 13, 2005. My life changed forever. I had taken my last ride, or so I thought. After breaking my back in a crash, I never lost interest in the beast of Motocross. Watching and attending all sorts of off road race events was the extent of my involvement in the moto scene.  After 10 years of searching for myself, I decided to get my hands on the bikes again. 

At Outkast MX, custom suspension is our specialty, tailoring forks and shocks to your height, weight, riding level and riding style, using the highest quality parts available. Off road motorcycle parts, accessories, and repair are offered at the best prices around.

Outkast MX also caters to the side by side and ATV world. From custom roll cages to suspension kits, from exhaust kits to tire/wheel combos, we can satisfy all of your off road needs and wants. We also offer installation on all of our products.